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Action Steps to Set Up Your Success Habits

Mar 05, 2024
Right Wrong Habits

 5/03/2024  Paula Sgarbossa

We all want better results with anything we feel is important in our life, especially in our relationships, our health and our finances.

But what does that truly look like on a daily basis?  Is it about taking big actions or small ones? Doing difficult things or simple things?  Getting outside our comfort zone?

I believe it’s about setting up daily habits that done over time, will add up to making progress towards your goals. It’s the work we do daily, such as those times we get up early to go for a 30 minute walk, or staying up late to do work on our side business?  

In fact, by setting up some simple new daily habits, you can start making progress quickly.

Let’s do this together right now:

  1. What is 1 goal you would like to make progress towards in the next month?
  2. What’s 1 micro action step that you could take each day this week to start you on the path for that goal?

If you want start a Blog, then an action step could be, you write 10 blog topic ideas that you feel confident you have knowledge worth sharing on – and that your ideal audience would find valuable.  

The more of those small habits you can set up each day, the more quickly you will make progress towards your goal.  For example, if you combined your morning walk with listening to something educational, you could increase your knowledge in your industry and eventually get paid more.  Plus, if you schedule time each day for you to take action on those tasks, then you are more likely to follow through and see progress more quickly.

  1. When can you find 10, 20, 30 minutes throughout the day to fit in some important new habits?

By setting up several habits each day you will increase your results.

  1. Pick one or two habits that you could put into your day or week that would help you with your top 2 goals.  

By making progress in this way, it becomes more achievable, without being too stressful. In a world where we are all super busy and stressed, making progress towards your dreams and goals can bring you satisfaction and fulfillment!

All the best with your new habits!




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